Homemaker and Stay-at-Home Mom Series Part One: Why I Love What I Do!

Updated: Jul 8

Hello friends!

Welcome to my homemaker and stay-at-home mother series. I have loved being a homemaker and stay-at-home mom for over ten years now. I feel called to this life and am passionate about what I do. I like that we live in a world where women can choose what they want to be. Whether you work outside the home, work from home or raise your children full-time- we all should be celebrated! I have friends from all walks of life. We respect each other's life choices. What's important is that we are following our heart.

This article is specifically geared towards those of you who are hardworking homemakers, stay-at-home mothers or those who aspire to be. I feel I am living the life I dreamed of. Life goes by quickly and children grow up so fast. If being a homemaker and stay-at-home mom is your calling, you will never regret following your dreams.

My favorite part of being at stay-at-home mom is being there for the special moments of my children's lives. Nobody ever says they wish they spent less time with their children. Each milestone, every precious moment, no amount of money could replace the experiences I've had. I've learned you cannot schedule quality time. Wonderful conversations and sweet moments happen spontaneously throughout the day. It's a gift to be there for that.

As a homemaker and stay-at-home mom, you are your own boss! You make your own schedule. You are the keeper of the home. You can make your home a sanctuary for your family. You don't need to outsource. You are a teacher, child care provider, pet care provider, nurse, laundress, chauffer, chef, housekeeper, seamstress, personal shopper, gardener, designer, secretary, accountant, barber, travel advisor, activities director, motivational speaker and counselor. The list goes on and on! Homemaking can truly be your ministry.

Getting to be your child's first teacher is a wonderful experience. You can teach them to read, write, draw, paint, build and bake together. You get to play, have impromptu dance parties, create art and complete fun crafts together. You get to explore the library one day and go on nature adventures the next. Want to head outside when it's raining to jump in puddles? Sure! Want to visit Daddy on his lunch break? You can! Want your kids to have daytime play dates or have your kid's friends over after class? Absolutely! Up for going swimming in your pool, then the playground after lunch, followed by the beach at sunset? Love doing that!

You have the freedom to teach your child anywhere and everywhere. You can be out running errands and have them count out the money to pay the cashier. You can teach colors by observing flowers in the park. I remember doing math work with one of my sons at the beach. We liked writing and solving math problems in the sand, letting the ocean "erase" them as the tide came in. There are so many teachable moments throughout the day that you get to be there for.

As a stay-at-home mom, your children have the benefit of knowing you are there for them all day and night. When they are babies, you are free to breastfeed (if you choose to) and enjoy those bonding moments. If you formula feed, you still get to hold and snuggle them during feedings all day and night. I cherished the times when they were gazing up at me while being fed in my arms. Babies grow up so quickly and I'm glad I was there for those precious times.

When your baby is ready, you can make homemade organic baby food instead of the store bought kind. When they are elementary school age and beyond, you can lovingly prepare meals and bake treats for them. It's so sweet to my children's happy faces when they smell homemade treats after a long day at school!

I am able to carefully make a weekly family meal plan. I get to make breakfast, lunch and dinners for them. My husband loves coming home to a homecooked meal ready for him after a long day at work. Sitting down for family dinner together is a cherished moment each day. Important conversations happen around the dinner table. Studies have shown that this time together is of great benefit.

I do not need to drop my children off at child care early in the morning or rush to pick them up in the evening. I get to take my children to and from school, sports and activities all week. If they are sick, I can come get them immediately. I don't have to ask a boss if I can leave work to get my child. If they are sick, it's not a problem for me to care for them as long as they need me to. I won't get in trouble with an employer or have to fill out paperwork for time off approval. I don't have to work through lunch breaks or work late to meet a deadline. I can support my husband's work schedule if he ever needs to work late or travel for work.

We can go on family vacations at any time that works for my husband, as there is no scheduling conflict on my end. When the children are off from school for several months of summer break, I don't have to worry about securing months of outside child care. The start and end times for summer camps and summer sports aren't an issue for me as I am available to take them as needed. We get to spend time with friends at the beach, create art, do crafts, play sports, go on outdoor summer adventures, go to the library, visit Daddy at work, do hands on learning activities, swim at the pool every day and more! We have the whole summertime to make special memories.

Public schools have lots of schedule changes during the regular school year- half days certain days and weeks, certain days off for staff training, lots of holidays off that most employers don't give employees off. Often there isn't a lot of notice on some of these school schedule changes. These schedule changes never phase me as I am available whenever my children need me.

I get to volunteer at my children's school. I enjoy getting to know their friends and teachers. I get to attend every school performance or special school event. If I want to attend the PTA meeting, a School Board meeting or a Parent Partner Panel, I can. I can choose to go on a school field trip with my children. I have plenty time to help them with their homework in the afternoon. I am able to cheer them on at sports practices and games. When they were younger we got to attend "Mommy and Me" classes, outings, community events and fun play groups. We also did plenty of library story times, enrichment classes, art classes and craft making events.

As a stay-at-home mom and homemaker, there is the benefit of having the time to shop for great deals on everything you buy. I don't have to buy something at a store just because it's convenient. I have the time to shop at different stores to get better deals. I can carefully price compare and make sure I'm getting the best price. I can also shop at less busy times of the day. This allows me the extra time to price shop without feeling rushed.

I am able to care for my home during the day so that it doesn't take away from family time. I enjoy completing a several hours long daily cleaning and home care routine. I have the time to mend items we own, tend to my plants, play with pets, and create my own home and beauty care products. I do not have to hire a cleaning person or gardener for domestic tasks I enjoy doing myself! I pour love and energy into my home environment. I also have time to do my own beauty treatments. I'm able to take my children to doctors, dentist and medical appointments at any time.

I have more time on the weekends for family adventures because I can take care of most errands during the weekday. We have the benefit of a balanced family life. I don't have to worry about playing catch up with errands and chores during the evenings and weekends. We have more time for friends, family and our faith community because of this as well.

I have the benefit of being able to focus my full attention on my loved ones. When I am at my most productive and fresh, I can spend this energy on my family instead of towards an outside job. Without outside distraction, I'm able to make my family and home my main focus.

Like many of us, one of my children has special needs. In fact, 1 out of every 6 children has special needs in America. A huge benefit is that I am able to attend any school meetings, expert consultations, trainings, workshops and appointments. I am able to collaborate with their doctors, teachers and therapists to support my child's needs full-time. Like I mentioned earlier, I get to volunteer at my children's school. Not only in general education but also special education. A favorite memory of mine was getting to be the Transitional Kindergarten through Second Grade special education PTA Class Delegate and Room Mom.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was also able to support my three children for over a year of school volatility. For over a year, there have been multiple cycles of school shutdowns and re-openings. These changes have been combined with frequent school schedule fluctuations and homeschooling requirements. I have been able to take all these schedule changes, Zoom meetings and homeschool teaching assignments in stride. As a homemaker and stay-at-home mother, you will be able to support your children's needs even in precarious times.

When I worked outside of the home, I earned many awards, multiple promotions and corporate accolades. Regardless, I knew that at work I could be replaced if I left. As a mother, you are irreplaceable! What you invest in your family will benefit generations to come. To me, that is priceless. Whether you choose to be a homemaker, stay-at-home parent, work from home parent or work outside the home parent- love your choice. We all get to enjoy this life and what we do with it. Embrace it and see the best in whatever choices your make!

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Wishing you and your family blessings,

Becca Lotus