The Ultimate Guide To Natural Living

Updated: Jul 6

Happy 2021!

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I think that resolutions for a better self can be made at any time. Yet, what a nice feeling the new year brings in terms of starting something fresh. That being said, why not give natural, clean living a try!

Well, what exactly is natural living? If you ask several people, you may get several answers. They are not wrong, either! Though there are many different approaches to natural living, it all boils down to one main concept. The concept is that by choosing a more simple, clean, natural approach to our life- our life and environment will be improved.

I am here to share with you an idea guide to inspire you on your natural living journey. You do NOT have to follow all of these ideas to be a natural living pro. It can be overwhelming at first with all the changes to be made to make your life more natural. Just start where you are with what you have. Some changes are better than none!

Here are some ideas to get you started :

  1. Switch from toxin-filled beauty products to natural ones. Look for "green beauty" or "clean beauty certified" products.

  2. Take your clean beauty routine into your own hands by making many of your beauty products yourself. There are hundreds of DIY recipes on Pinterest. You can check out my Pinterest boards for ideas to get you started.

  3. Switch from conventional food to organic food. This can mean eliminating GMO (genetically modified organisms) from foods you eat and products you use.

  4. Increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and ethical, low carbon footprint sources of protein.

  5. Start growing more of your own food. When selecting seeds you could choose organic, GMO-free ones. Growing your own food allows you to be in full control of the production process. I live in a large beach city instead of a sprawling farmhouse. I am still able to grow many herbs, veggies and spices in containers on my lanai.

  6. Look into natural remedies instead of toxic, over the counter options. I use tons of natural remedies, many of which I use from the herbs I grow at home. Always be sure to check with your medical provider to make sure they approve.

  7. For items you can't grow on your own, try to buy in bulk to reduce waste. This helps the planet and is easy on the pocketbook!

  8. Switch from processed food to cooking items from scratch. Selecting whole, nourishing ingredients instead of a the laundry list of questionable ingredients in processed food. A nutrition course I took in college taught me how to properly read food ingredient labels. I learned that the less ingredients and the more recognizable the ingredients are, the better.

  9. Be mindful with what you spend your money on. Consciously using your money to support products that are sustainably made in an eco-friendly way. There is a saying, "vote with your dollar" which perfectly applies to this situation.

  10. Recycle! Recycling is so crucial in helping our beautiful planet. Take the time to sort out your trash and be sure to recycle every single week. If you have children, get them involved in the process. My children are wonderful at sorting out what can be recycled instead of thrown in the trash.

  11. Reduce plastic waste and single use waste around your home. For example, switch from plastic straws to reusable straws. I love these ones from Amazon. Use re-usable grocery bags instead of single use plastic ones. Use a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic. Use re-useable lunch containers. I have a big family by today's standards but we are so mindful of how much waste we consume. Since we are careful about the resources we consume, we have a lower carbon footprint than many smaller families.

  12. Return to a slower pace of life. Putting down the phone more, closing the laptop and focusing on the people around you more can have rich rewards.

  13. Make your some of your own natural products. The stores are full of toxin-packed products. You can start making your own natural household cleaning products, room sprays, soaps, lotions, body scrubs, shampoo, conditioner, perfumes, deodorant, body wash, laundry soap, candles, makeup and beauty treatments. The sky is the limit on this one! It not only saves money but is a great creative outlet.

  14. Stop dying your hair or switch to organic, more natural hair dyes. Your local health food store should have plenty of brand and color options.

  15. Change your sleeping situation. We spend a large portion of our lives sleeping. Yet many of us are sleeping on regular mattresses that are full of chemicals. Ditch your toxin-treated mattress seek out organic, green certified mattresses.

  16. Switch your bedding linens to natural, organic fibers. Even places like Target now carry these kind of linens!

  17. Choose water saving landscaping in your yard. Opt for natural stone pavers, tiles, rock accents and other water saving features over landscaping that needs frequent watering. You will save SO much water every year and positively impact the environment.

  18. Find clothing in natural, breathable and sustainable materials. Bonus points for avoiding fast fashion in favor of quality-made, ethical textiles. I no longer purchase from cheap, fast fashion stores and boutiques. Now I exclusively purchase from better stores and higher quality boutiques. The Good Trade has a helpful guide on slow fashion brands linked here. Even if the clothing costs a bit more, it will last longer so will be worth it financially in the long run.

  19. Ditch sodas and sugary drinks and increase your water intake. If you aren't a big fan of drinking plain water, you can use lemons, limes or fruit to make drinking water more pleasurable.

  20. Consider cancelling the expensive gym membership or clunky indoor home exercise equipment. Instead, trade those in for bike rides and long walks in nature complete with sunshine and fresh air! When the weather is nice, nothing beats exercising outdoors in a natural setting.

  21. Switch to purchasing ethical products that are not tested on animals or that use animal products in them. Caring for our planet includes compassion for animals. Leaping Bunny is a great resource for finding cruelty-free options.

  22. To make one of the biggest impacts on the planet- stop eating meat!

  23. Find ways to eliminate negativity in your life to hold space for more positivity. We are naturally meant to shine our light in this world. A positive lifestyle is part of living holistically. No longer create space in your life for toxic people. Those who try to drag you down are already below you. Surround yourself with only the very best people. Once I put this into practice, it changed my life.

There is a great deal of overlap between natural living and mindful, positive, conscious, holistic, clean, slow, ethical, sustainable, simple, eco-friendly living. There is room enough for all of this under the natural living umbrella. I hope this guide inspires you. The bottom line is that any steps toward natural living make a big impact!

Sending you so much love,


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