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Creativity For Busy People

Today I'm going to discuss living a creative life even when you're busy. Getting to be creative is an important part of happy living. I know many of us are extremely busy with work outside the home, working from home or caring for our loved ones full-time. Yet we can master weaving creativity into our daily lives. Creativity feeds our soul. Our family also appreciates the fruits of our labor.

I believe that everyone is creative in their own way. Maybe you love to do crafting, maybe you're creative in the kitchen, perhaps you have a green thumb. Others may be skilled seamstresses, interior decorators, painters or writers. The list goes on and on.

The key is making time for creativity. If you are a list and schedule-oriented person, schedule some time "off" for creativity. Even just an hour a week will feed your soul! Don't have time to spare? You can also find ways to be creative in your daily routine. It could be picking up flowers at the store you were already going to, and creating a floral arrangement when you get home. It could be trying a new recipe when cooking dinner. You could re-arrange your furniture and home decorations to freshen up your home without spending a dime.

Don't think you're creative? Think of what you used to love doing as a child. Perhaps rediscover that creative side of yourself. Even more fun is when you can include your children in these creative activities. Those kind of memories last a lifetime.

Happy creating!


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