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Sustainable Consumerism

Welcome to my new blog where I empower others through simple and slow living. A simple and slow lifestyle can bring feelings of peace, joy and contentment. Beyond this, living simply is also the most sustainable way of living. Consumerism is a damaging addiction that our society needs to let go of.

The excessive consumerism in today's society is terrible for the environment. It is not sustainable. More than that, it is unnecessary. The more content we are, the less we buy into this excessive consumerism. The more content we are, the more sustainable we are naturally able to be. When we are happy with less, we need less. Content people naturally don't buy into the overconsumption trend.

If we aren't overconsuming, we are keeping more out of landfills long-term. We aren't depleting our resources at an alarming rate. We have the ability to control our consumption. Not only for the environment and ourself, but for our future generations. Through simple living we can live our most joyful and sustainable life.

Be the change,


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