Stress-free Holiday Tips

Updated: Jul 2

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The holiday season is upon us!

Did this year fly by or what?

There can be added pressure and stress during this season.

However, it can be an absolute breeze this year instead.

I am sharing my top three tips to make this your easiest holiday season yet!

1. Prioritize Events

Holiday season means lots of fun invitations to parties and special events.

Even though we may want to say yes to all of them, limit yourself to no more than two events a day. Often the event times will overlap. This is an opportunity to communicate with your host or hostess. In my experience, most are graciously understanding. Perhaps you can split the time with each event so as to show your support to all of those you care about. If not, you must pick which one is of the most priority to your family. As author Lysa Terkeurst says, "Pick your best yes!"

2. Gifts

Do not use a credit card to rack up debt this season. The holidays come every single year. They are never a surprise. This is great because we can plan ahead for them. Budget each month throughout the year for your holiday expenses. Be sure to include funding not only for gifts but also for food and decorations. Saving up throughout the year allows you to be in control of your spending. It also allows you to give to others with joy, not stress, since you have planned all year for it!

3. Treat Yourself

It is easy to fall into the "go go go!" mentality when our schedules are full of obligations.

This is when we tend to slip up on self-care. It's important to schedule time for yourself.

A relaxed, happy parent equals a merry holiday for all. As you dash from task to task around town, play music in your car that lifts your spirits. Light a candle that brightens your environment. Take a different route on your way home from errands, preferable one with seasonal nature sights! Even if it takes a little longer it can boost your happiness quotient.

Happy holidays to you beloved readers!

xx Becca