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Social Media and Simple, Slow Living

Hello friends!

Today I am going to share about simplifying your online life. Did you know the average person has about 6 social media accounts? Think of the amount of time being spent on social media. Think of all the aimless scrolling through various social media feeds. As someone who believes in putting the phone down and being present, these statistics are astounding. The more time we spend on social media, the less time we have to be present.

Being present with our loved ones, our surroundings and ourself is priceless. Those of us who practice being present and content do not find the escapism of too much time on social media to be appealing. I've recently been streamlining the amount of social media I have. I'm reducing the amount of social media groups I am part of. I'm reducing the number of social media accounts I have.

I am also reducing how much appears in my social media feed. How do you do that? Easy! You can accomplish that by not following accounts on social media or limiting accounts you follow. I want to make sure I'm keeping things simple. I'm creating to create. Art for art's sake.

As I've shared this new approach with others, I've been met with some heart-warming responses. People sharing they wish they could do that too, others sharing they are going to be doing that soon as well. Even others saying that's why they reduced down to one or two accounts. Some are planning on getting rid of their social media all together. Many mentioned to me that it felt like a "detox" and they love having less social media accounts.

Instead of logging into so many accounts, why not focus on the real, beautiful life in front of you instead? We need to stop taking away from the present moment. Many people nowadays are psychologically dependent on escaping from the present moment. This does not serve our well-being over time.

I challenge you to be radically different than the mainstream person. To put the phone down and to minimize your social media accounts and groups. Instead, let's maximize spending time with loved ones in real life. Let's maximize time spent in nature or doing activities that make our soul happy. Let's maximize living life to the fullest. Real, authentic life. It's worth it.

Be the change,


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