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Minimalism Over Materialism

Hello friends!

Are you a minimalist? Are you interested in becoming one? Some people stereotype minimalists as having an empty house and just a few possessions. I see minimalism a bit differently. To me, being a minimalist means eliminating the unnecessary to make space for what really matters. This idea reaches into every aspect of my life. From how I structure my time, to what I own, how many social media accounts I have, and even to what personal relationships I invest in. I want my life to be filled with what really matters. No space for meaningless "clutter" in my life.

I wasn't always like this. We are all exposed to consumerism in mainstream society. Society will tell you that more is better, that newer is a must. These lies don't benefit you, they benefit the companies peddling them for profit.

I had to train myself to realize that in the end, you don't bring any of that "stuff" with you. What you do bring is your memories, your experiences and your contentment at a life well lived. An overabundance of items does not buy happiness. No matter what modern society tries to sell you on. I'm old-fashioned on purpose now. I know where my joy lies.

Ask yourself what your priorities are. Then shape your life around that. It will help you spend your precious resources on those priorities. Time is a precious resource so make sure you spend it with the right people. If someone isn't worth investing in, have the wisdom to gently let go. Money (like it or not) is a resource, so "vote with your dollar" on what matters to you. Quality over quantity is the key. The biggest lesson I learned as a minimalist is this: the more you are content on the inside, the less you will need on the outside.

Wishing you blessings,


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