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Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

Hello sweet friends!

Fall is just around the corner. I was shopping at different stores today and noticed an abundance of fall decorations on display. I re-use my holiday decorations year after year so I rarely spend money on decorations anymore. I also like to make my own decorations whenever possible. It gives your home that curated, cozy effect. As a homemaker, I've learned that you can usually save a lot of money making your own decorations as well. It's a win-win!

I wanted to make a a sweet little centerpiece for fall. I used a vase I already had and filled it a third of the way up with rocks. You can get rocks at the park, the beach or even your own yard. You can use any kind of fill, doesn't even need to be rocks, as long as it allows you to easily arrange your flowers in while holding them up well.

I found plenty of fall stems at the Dollar Tree. I varied the styles with some fall foliage stems and some fall flower stems to mix it up. I had fun arranging them, with my children helping along the way. Family projects are a delight! For less than five dollars we had a cheerful fall centerpiece. The centerpieces I saw out at the stores today that had less flowers and foliage than this and yet were priced at twenty dollars and up!

I hope sharing this encourages you to create your own DIY decor. Living a sweet, simple life is richly rewarding.

Happy decorating!


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