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About Me

  Thank you for coming here to learn more about me. I am blessed to be married for fifteen years and a mom of three children (plus a few beloved rescue animals). I first officially became a published author when I was eighteen years old. I remember feeling in awe to see my writing printed in a beautiful book! Prior to starting a family, I helped patients with disabilities and life challenges in the psychology field. When I retired from the psychology field to raise my large family, I started exploring my creativity more and more. I discovered I could combine my love of creating with my passion for helping others live their best life! It has been an amazing journey.

  My traditional publications and features cover a multitude of subjects including inspiration, lifestyle and family. I am honored to have been published over twenty times. Not only in America, but also in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I have been published by Yahoo! Lifestyle, Yahoo! News United Kingdom, The Mighty Site, Spill Words Press, Twitter Moments Selection, Newsbreak, Happy Cow, a poetry anthology book and more. 


  My blog is where I share inspiration for simple, peaceful, happy living. Many times, my photography is published alongside my writing. You can join me on Instagram for frequent photography and inspirational writing pairings! My original painting was featured at The Gallery At The Merc. My style has been featured on Target Style, Besame Luxury Cosmetics, Neesees Dress Boutique and more.  I enjoy exploring art in many forms. 

  When I am not creating, I am found supporting causes dear to my heart. I have been actively volunteering at local schools for over eight years. I also support multiple charities and non-profits. I feel blessed by every reader and supporter of my creative work. If you would like reach out to me, please email me using the secure contact form on this site. Thank you for your support!

With love,



San Diego State University.
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Top tier of graduating class academic distinction 
Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society 
Psi Chi International Honors Society
Friends Of Downtown San Diego
Academic Scholarship Recipient 


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